Dr Terry Loong - Dr Terry Clinic
9th May 2015

Great training - loved it

Great, thorough training that gave me great confidence in providing the treatment to my patients.

Helen Bowes
9th May 2015

Excellent and very interesting

Good scientific information in the morning lecture. Very comprehensive.

Mica Engel- Cosmetica London
9th May 2015

So glad I came for training

For many months I was looking for IV nutrition courses that were based on scientific fact, professional and medical. I even considered going to the USA, but finally I found IntraVita and I'm so glad I did!

Mrs Andrea Bath RGN -AB Medical
9th May 2015

Very informative!

Happy with the treatment, can't wait to get started.

Dr Victoria Manning, Clinical Director at River Aesthetics Ltd
23rd April 2015

Our patients are loving these products

Our patients are loving and benefiting from these products. If you are thinking of adding IVs to your clinic training with IntraVita is fabulous.

Dr Ian Strawford, Aesthetic Doctors and GP. Medikas
20th April 2015

Initial skeptic, now a total convert

I attended the IntraVita training day initially being very skeptical about the science and the benefits coming from a background as a GP with nearly 30 years' experience. The science around the subject was very well taught and we were able to understand how to make up simple IV formulas for a range of indications. I am looking forward to introducing this new ‘tool’ to our Medikas clinics and my general medical practice. 

Ashling Donnelly RGN, Bespoke Aesthetics
17th April 2015

Exceptional content

A well thought-out programme with exceptional content. Teaching was really well delivered.

Jacqui Hall RGN NIP, Medifine Aesthetics
17th April 2015

Good training manual provided

Highly informative with a good balance of theory and practical hands on learning. Good training manual provided for reference.

Dr Geoffrey Hall, Aesthetic Doctor
25th February 2015

Excellent training

Excellent day's training in a very supportive learning environment.

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