Dr Ahmed Shindi
5th July 2018

Looking forward to future events

Happy to meet the Intravita team and looking forward to future events. 

Dr John Baxendale
5th July 2018

A very enjoyable day

Opened my eyes to the world of Nutrition

Dr Alexandra Lapa
13th June 2018

Very Informative

Very Informative and easy to understand.
Many Thanks

Tunde Bahaz
13th June 2018

Very Useful information

Very useful information. Members helpful and answered all questions. Happy to be here. I am glad i did this training today, i have understanding of the vitamins and side effects etc. Thankyou so much. 

Lucy Mcgeough
13th June 2018

Very interesting day

Very interesting day. Lots of info, lovely staff, very friendly and helpful.
Dr Otto is very knowledgeable. 

Clare Amrani
13th June 2018

Fantastic Day

Fantastic day. It was great to experience the drip. Very informative, interactive day with fantastic teaching. 

10th May 2018

Great Atmosphere

Lovely Staff and at a level i understand.

Dr R Osman
10th May 2018

Excellent Course

I was rather Cynical but i've seen and understand the evidence behind the use of IVNT, i feel not only converted but empowered. Excellent Course!

Michelle Grundy
10th May 2018

Interesting Course.

Course was interesting and informative. Learned a lot of new things that are current and up to date.

Dr Irijana
10th May 2018

Strongly Recommended.

Strongly recommended for everyone in aesthetic medicine, especially the ones who went to do advanced aesthetic medicine. The course is well organised, Dr Otto is a walking encyclopedia and i am very lucky to be learning from such a great Doctor.

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