ACE Exhibition 2015: IntraVita Live PDO Demo Dr Jacques Otto

Vernon Otto
15th May 2015

Dr Jacques Otto, spoke at this years ACE Exhibition to a very large crowd. During this live demonstration Dr Jacques Otto demonstrated his unique 5 - Point Face Lift. This innovative minor invasive procedure results in mid face cheek and jaw line elevation. 

5 newly designed 4-Dimensional barbed polydioxanone 2-0 threads are inserted into each side of the face in combination with new innovative mono Polydioxanone threads: twin, triple, or double screw threads. 

The 5-Point FaceLift enables an immediate mechanical lift of the soft tissues followed by continued skin tightening and soft tissue lifting via the principle of wound contraction. In addition, Dr Otto whom pioneered the use of PRP in cosmetic practice in 2006 in the UK, also  demonstrated the combined use of PRP and the 5-Point Face lift. Other treatments in combination with polydioxanone threads were also  mentioned or demonstrated.

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