UK Clinical Trial 2007: Ultrashape: Non Invasive Ultrasonic Body Contouring - Initial Experience

Nicola Ridley
1st January 2007

Currently, (2007) the only way to induce long term body contouring is by the destruction of fat cells, involving some form of invasive surgery. Surgical removal of fat cells by means of liposuction is becoming an increasingly attractive option for men and women. The complexity of liposuction procedures, accompanied by the inconvenience to patients, a relatively long recuperation period (contrary to advertisements for a "lunch hour" procedure) and a variety of hidden dangers highlight the pressing need for a method that combines the simplicity and safety of non-surgical methods of body shaping, with the effectiveness of the surgical techniques that ensure effective body contouring.A novel device for non-invasive destruction of fat cells by focused ultrasound has been developed by UltraShape Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel). IntraVita is very proud to have been a part of it, UltraShape White Paper .pdf

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