Highly Recommended

"Highly recommended, very informative."


"Dr Otto and his team were amazing. Very informative, but most of all very personal and supportive. I would highly recommend Intravita to anyone looking to learn about IVNT Training."

I am very happy with the training.

"I am very happy with the training, very knowledgeable, and delivered in a professional way."

I have enjoyed the course thoroughly.

"Extensive training in IV Vitamin drip, i have enjoyed my course today.  Thankyou."

Thoroughly enjoyed the day.

"Relaxed and informal, very good in applying the theory into clinical practice. "

Product ordering

"Quick great service. It would make it so much easier if the product groups were separated into different catagories (IV drips, Threads, Fillers, etc) ."


"Practical information as an introduction to INVT. Looking forward to the advanced courses in the future.  "

Fantastic Day

"Fantastic day, really knowledgeable staff, and enthusiasm from Dr Otto."


"Amazing lecture and hands-on. I went home refreshed and learned a new skill-set after the course. All the staff are helpful and friendly and Dr Otto is a great lecturer."

Great Atmosphere

"Lovely Staff and at a level i understand."