Dermal Fillers - Belotero®
Help clients combat the signs of aging

Bringing Belotero® into your clinic will enable you and your team to rejuvenate and enhance the natural beauty of your clients, providing balanced aesthetic treatments with genuine, long lasting results.

Only the best for your clinic

At IntraVita we select only the best products for our partner clinics, trialling them extensively before we make them available.The Belotero® range consists of advanced dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic acid which offer excellent skin integration. Belotero® products are ideal for smoothing and filling wrinkles as well as for lip augmentation, skin rehydration and for restoring facial volume. Belotero® Hyaluronic acid fillers are also available with Lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment experience.

Belotero® Lips Contour from IntraVita International

Belotero® Range

If you are looking for natural-looking results to diminish the signs of ageing, the Belotero® family is your perfect choice. The Belotero® range offers an extended portfolio of advanced dermal fillers that can be used individually or in combination to tailor an aesthetic solution depending on your skins different needs.

Why choose Belotero®?

The Belotero® range is designed to integrate into your tissue and provide subtle and even results without disrupting the natural contours of your face. Studies show that the Belotero® products are well-tolerated and belong to the safest dermal fillers available.

Belotero® range from IntraVita International

What benefits can Belotero® offer your clients?

Correction of fine lines
Volumising Effect
Crows Feet
Perioral Lines
Naso-labial Folds
Marionette Lines
Lip Contours
Lip Volume
Oral Commisures
Cupids Bow
Cheek Volumisation
Chin Volumisation
Temple Volumisation

Full marketing and ongoing support

While we can supply your clinic with Belotero® and offer full training courses if required, our work doesn’t stop there. If you choose to partner with IntraVita, we’ll make sure your clinic has everything it needs to market Belotero® to clients, from brochures and posters, to leaflets and information cards.

A typical treatment takes less than 60 minutes

Your clients will see immediate results and get back to their normal routine right away

Lovely venue. Trainer very knowledgeable. Very interactive day with interesting people.

Rachael Marcks

Want to find out more?

If you have any questions about the benefits your clinic could be offering its clients, or you'd like to know more about using Belotero® as a treatment option, get in touch below.

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