Help your clients combat signs of aging

Here at IntraVita, we know you want the very best for your clients. That’s why we only offer the very best when it comes to PDO thread lifts, including full training and fast delivery.

Introducing the IntraVita PDO Range

Do you want to offer your clients a revolutionary cosmetic technique to lift and tighten sagging skin tissue?

IntraVita PDO Threads allow you to define facial contours and induce collagen production. Collagen synthesis allows the thread to form part of an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face, giving a result that will last between 2-3 years based on maintenance and lifestyle.

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100% Polydioxanone PDO threads

Our PDO thread treatments use clinically proven biocompatible material that is already widely used in medical suturing. Offer your clients a seamless tissue lift with astounding skin rejuvenation, all using material that is biodegradable within 6 months.

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"Enjoyed the training - Great Deliverance. Great refreshment options."

Training very Interesting

"Training interesting, Dr Otto very knowledgable, he answered to all our questions, the staff very nice too."

Exceptional content

"A well thought-out programme with exceptional content. Teaching was really well delivered."

Friendly and helpful team.

"Dr Otto is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable."

pre reading

"I booked the course a few weeks ago. However, did not receive the pre reading material until the day before. It was sent in a partially downloaded file. Despite repeat emails no material, that was downloadable, sent to me. Quite disappointed as this course is quite expensive and I would have liked to have been prepared."

So glad I came for training

"For many months I was looking for IV nutrition courses that were based on scientific fact, professional and medical. I even considered going to the USA, but finally I found IntraVita and I'm so glad I did!"

Excellent experience

"It was an excellent experience, from entering the site until the last drop of my IV drip.  "

A real eye opening experience.

"A real eye opening experience. The training has given me the confidence to begin IVNT. I highly recommend the course for any health professional considering IVNT. The course will provide you with the knowledge base and confidence to offer a safe and professional IVNT clinic. "

A great day

"I'm looking forward to start with this as soon as possible.  "

The best training programme.

"Everything was so well planned and perfect. The best training programme i have attended, well planned, very beneficial and efficient. "

What will the procedure look like to your clients?

First, local anaesthesia is injected into the treatment area. The PDO thread will then be introduced using a cannula or micro-needle into the required area. The whole procedure will only take around 45-60 minutes depending on what treatment your clients opt for. Within a couple of days of treatment, they will be able to resume their normal day-to-day social activities.

PDO Therapy is a tailor-made treatment which can be adjusted to your clients’ requirements at any time.

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Want to see how your clients can benefit?

Not only do we offer training and everything you need to get your clinic started with PDO therapy, we’ll also share assets and other information to help you with product positioning and messaging.


If you have any questions about the benefits your clinic could be offering its clients, or you’d like to know more about our products or our various training packages, get in touch below.