TGA approved point of care devices

Offer your clients the very best chance of successful skin healing or combatting anti-ageing with PRP therapy. Alocuro has completed thorough analysis of all leading research to allow your clinic to offer Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy with full confidence.

Offering Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy to your clients

Setting the scene for your clients…

“Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing process and uses the patient’s own cells to promote accelerated healing of certain musculoskeletal conditions, skin and hair regeneration. It works by delivering powerful growth factors that stimulate and improve blood supply to the injured area and the nutrients needed for cells to regenerate the damaged or ageing tissue.”

Alocuro Pro-PRP Kit is the most efficient, manually prepared PRP device currently available in the UK

Patented technology, utilising a scientifically-proven technique for tissue regeneration with over 5000 supporting published articles.

Other benefits include

Ability to replicate research protocols

PRP concentration greater than 5 x baseline concentration

CE marked medical device

Single-use, non-toxic, sterile, pyrogen free; EN ISO 13485

Customisable for various tissue types

Multiple device sizes (10, 15, 20 & 30cc)


"Excellent venue, very impressive. Amazing team."

Highly Recommended

"I would always highly recommend Intravita and Dr Otto's courses. Highly knowledgeable and informative."


"Dr Otto and his team were amazing. Very informative, but most of all very personal and supportive. I would highly recommend Intravita to anyone looking to learn about IVNT Training."


"Great course, Plenty of opportunity for discussion to ask questions. "

Looking forward to future events

"Happy to meet the Intravita team and looking forward to future events. "

Thankyou for a very educational and well structured agaenda – Great day.

"I would highly recommend Intravita - very educated is Dr Otto. Highly enjoyable day, set in a pristine location. The IV drip experience was great. Thankyou"

Initial skeptic, now a total convert

"I attended the IntraVita training day initially being very skeptical about the science and the benefits coming from a background as a GP with nearly 30 years' experience. The science around the subject was very well taught and we were able to understand how to make up simple IV formulas for a range of indications. I am looking forward to introducing this new ‘tool’ to our Medikas clinics and my general medical practice. "

Very Scientific

"Highly recommended!  "

Strongly Recommended.

"Strongly recommended for everyone in aesthetic medicine, especially the ones who went to do advanced aesthetic medicine. The course is well organised, Dr Otto is a walking encyclopedia and i am very lucky to be learning from such a great Doctor."

Fantastic Day

"Fantastic day. It was great to experience the drip. Very informative, interactive day with fantastic teaching. "

Using Alocuro PRP kits in your clinic

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