Bacteriostatic Saline Solution for Injection

Each millilitre of Tor-Bac (Bacteriostatic) saline solution contains Sodium Chloride 9mg and 0.9% (9mg/ml) Benzyl alcohol added as a Bacteriostatic preservative to reconstitute medicinal products for intramuscular/intradermal injection. Tor-Bac (Bacteriostatic) saline solution when administered is less painful then ordinary saline. It is also compliant with single-use Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronidase applications.

Less risk for your patients

Tor-Bac (Bacteriostaic) comes in 5ml ampoules which means practitioners can use one vial per patient. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination associated with the 30ml vials of previous Bacteriostatic products.

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"Very informative and good practical training. "

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"I really enjoyed the day, Thankyou very much. "

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"I booked the course a few weeks ago. However, did not receive the pre reading material until the day before. It was sent in a partially downloaded file. Despite repeat emails no material, that was downloadable, sent to me. Quite disappointed as this course is quite expensive and I would have liked to have been prepared."

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"I have attended at least four training events at IntraVita and each experience has been amazing. Dr Otto has trained me in the use of PDO threads each time, he is highly skilled and very professional. On a couple of occasions I have had treatment by Dr Otto whilst I have been there and the results are fabulous. I would not trust anyone else (apart from myself!) to do PDO threading on me, I'm afraid you're stuck with me for as long as you continue to offer treatments and training. I mean it when I tell my clients' that I've only been trained by the best! Vernon and Amanda are fabulous too, The entire experience makes it worth the long distance I travel each time. Thanks to you all at IntraVita! Kim"

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"Training was excellent, i learnt a lot about malnutrition i.e Vit, amino acid 2 other deficiencies for boosting health and well being. "

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"Professional, friendly, informative. Can't wait to get started."

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"Very enjoyable. All trainers are very knowledgeable and informative."


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