IV Nutrition Therapy Training

Our Intravenous nutrition training course was developed by Dr Jacques Otto for medical practitioners only. Bring IV nutrition therapy to your clinic with expert training and IVNT product supply from IntraVita.
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About the course

The IntraVita International IVNT (intravenous nutrition) training course has been designed by Dr Jacques Otto and is based on the IntraVita product line. It is an in-depth fully referenced course on IVNT, accompanied by protocols with a proven safety track record dating back to 2011.The course will cover the history of IVNT, nutrients, amino acids, minerals, contra-indications, drug interactions, patient medical history and consent and 24 different IntraVita IVNT Drips for health and wellbeing promotion (please see “Treatments” at the top of our website) for our range of IV Drips.
Practitioners must complete the online lectures and pass the online exam (75% pass mark) prior to being invited to attend the face to face course.The online training course consists of a 300-page electronic manual, 3 hours+ worth of video lectures and also power-point slides to view and read prior to completing the 4 hour multiple choice exam.
The face to face session will be a revision of the online lectures, Q&A session with Dr Jacques Otto, 30 minute marketing session with Vernon Otto and a 1:30 hr hands on practical in the afternoon.

During the practical session we will teach you how to prepare and administer IntraVita IV Drips. You will also be able to experience an IV Wellness Myers Drip, Glutathione IV Push, Methylcobalamin (B12) Shot and a separate 8-gram IV vitamin C Drip on the day. You will also receive an IV starter pack containing 4 x Modified Myers Plus Ready to Administer IV Drip packs that have an RRP of £1000.


Upon completion of the course your clinic will be displayed on our clinic finder for 3 months, attendees will also gain a free membership to AIMS ((Association of Intravenous micronutrient supplementation) for 1 year and have access to our aftercare service. Please note we only train the following registered practitioners: GMC (Doctors), GDC (Dentists), GDC (Therapists), GDC (Hygenists) NMC (Nurses), GPhC (Pharmacists) or HCPC (Paramedics).Please note we do not train beauty therapists, phlebotomists, aestheticians and non registered medical practitioners in IVNT.


9:30 am

Group 1 - Registration & ID Checks

  • Photographic ID
  • Professional registration number check.
  • Consent form





  • Author’s background
  • Government regulation of IVNT and IVDT in the UK
  • NICE guidelines on intravenous fluid therapy in adults in hospital
  • Disclaimer
  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT) vs Intravenous Drug Therapy (IVDT) in the UK
  • History of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT)
  1. USA: Doctors Myers, Gaby & Schrader
  2. UK: Evolution of IVNT 2014
  3. UK: Association of Intravenous Micronutrient Supplementation (AIMS) UK
  • Malnutrition in Underdeveloped Countries – WHO Statistics
  • Malnutrition in Developed Countries
  • Cost of Malnutrition to the NHS from 2011 – 2012 (NIHR Southampton Research Centre & BAPEN)
  • Global Parenteral Nutrition Market Dynamics – Grand View Research Parenteral Nutrition Market
  • Why is IVNT preferred over Intramuscular Nutrient Therapy (IMNT) & Oral Nutrient Therapy (ONT)?
  • Safety Aspects of IVNT – Osmolarity, Infusion rates, Side Effects, Complications & Contraindications
  • Medical History & Informed Consent and aftercare
  • Check List – Medical History & Consent, Clinic Preparedness, Patient Preparedness
  • Check List – Treatment Record

Tea Break

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Bottled Drinks


  • Private clinic vs franchising model
  • Advertising IV nutrients to your patients
  • Treatment packages
  • Retail recommended prices (RRP)
  • IntraVita marketing assets
  • Clinic Finder
  • Tax/VAT

Snack Break


  • Pre-packed biscuits
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Bottled Drinks

IVNT Practical Session

  • Practical demonstrations will include:
  • Preparing Wellness Myers IV Formula
  • Reconstituting Glutathione IV Push
  • Methylcobalamin B12 IV push/ IM Shot preparation
  • Preparing IV Vitamin C Drip

Course Fee + Materials

Course Fee: £995+VAT, this includes:

300 Page referenced manual on IVNT
24 IntraVita Drip Protocols
125 PowerPoint Slides
3 hours + Lecture videos
Practical demo to experience on the day : Wellness Myers IV Drip, Glutathione IV Push, Methylcobalamin B12 IV Shot, IV Vitamin C Drip to experience on the day
Access to After Care Service
This course is worth 7 hours of personal development.
Clinic displayed on our Clinic Finder for 3 Months
Membership to AIMS (Association of Intravenous micronutrient supplementation) for 1 year.
Plus “Free” Starter Pack worth £1000 RRP (4 x Modified Myers Plus – Ready to administer IV Drip packs)

The course fee must be paid in advance in order to secure place


Maximum class size: 4
Practitioners that are registered with the GMC,GDC (Dentists), GDC (Therapists), GDC (Hygenists), NMC (Nurses), GPhC (Pharmacists) and HCPC registered Paramedics can attend the course
Previous experience in Phlebotomy or Venepuncture is necessary prior to attending the course
Practitioners must have completed an anaphylaxis course prior to attending the course
The products used for the course are insured by the Newline Group in the UK
‍No model is required
Non – Prescribers can attend the course. However, NON POM products range is limited. ( Please contact us for Clarification).
Please note we do not train beauty therapists, phlebotomists, aestheticians and non registered medical practitioners in IVNT. 

Please note

Please note if you are a non-prescribing Nurse, Pharmacist or Paramedic, then you cannot purchase prescription only medicines such as Sodium Chloride 0.9% (Saline) without a prescription.

Some of the intravenous nutrients manufactured by IntraVita International require dilution with saline or water for injection. Therefore, non prescribers will need a prescriber to prescribe the saline and the water for injection as both are prescription only medicines (POM). The following products require dilution with saline or water for injection: Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin C 8g +25g, B3,B5, B6, Glutathione Arginine, Taurine, Lysine, Cysteine, NADH, Immuno Booster, Skin Brightening, ATP Energiser, Amino Mix 1 and Amino Mix 2.

Non prescribers are limited to the following products that do not require dilution with saline or water for injection: Performance Booster Plus, Modified Myeres Plus, Fat Burner Plus, Amino Muscle Plus, Health Boost Plus, Advanced ATP, Vitamin C 15g, Methylcobalamin 5mg (Shot), Bcomplex (Shot), Biotin (Shot), Fat Burner (Shot). Please note our most popular cocktails are the Performance Booster Plus and the Modified Myeres Plus.

Please note emergency medicine required to treat anaphalactic reactions such as Adrenaline (Epinephrine),Salbutamol,Glucagon and Dexamethasome are prescription only medicines (POM) and require a prescription.

Upon completion of the course it is the responsibility of the practitioner to obtain their own medical malpractice insurance in order to administer the IV formulas to their patients.

Please note we only supply practitioners with IVNT products that have completed our IVNT training course or those of our partners.

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