Marketing support for your clinic

It’s one thing to start offering cutting edge Medical aesthetic and IV Nutrient therapy treatments in your clinic, but getting the word out to clients can be difficult and costly. We help with everything from training to sales and aftercare support.

At IntraVita, we do things differently

We help you get your clinic set up with everything you need and we’ll do everything we can to help your clinic retain customers and attract new ones.

Best industry training

Like including some of the best training available in the industry today

Aftercare and Ongoing Support

Help you pitch your new services to clients and inform them of the benefits

Branded to help you sell

Marketing materials like brochures and fliers, to posters and information cards

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Let us talk about how choosing IntraVita could benefit your clinic and its clients.

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What an incredible training day!

"So incredibly informative and educational. I feel more than confident in going forward in my practice with this knowledge. A fantastic company I can highly recommend. "