Why train with IntraVita?

Why train with us? It’s simple, we’ll give you the skills you need to either start or improve in the cosmetic industry.

Initial skeptic, now a total convert

"I attended the IntraVita training day initially being very skeptical about the science and the benefits coming from a background as a GP with nearly 30 years' experience. The science around the subject was very well taught and we were able to understand how to make up simple IV formulas for a range of indications. I am looking forward to introducing this new ‘tool’ to our Medikas clinics and my general medical practice. "

Interesting Course.

"Course was interesting and informative. Learned a lot of new things that are current and up to date."

Very Good!

"Trainers very knowledgeable - a lot of information to learn, but i am very excited to start. "

Strongly recommend.

"I would strongly recommend Dr.J.Otto's training. He was an excellent teacher and trainer and inspires confidence to achieve the best technique possible. "

Would recommend

"Overall excellent experience, would recommend this course."


"Excellent training and manual."

Good Mix of theory.

"Good mix of theory, safety and practical skills."

I have enjoyed the course thoroughly.

"Extensive training in IV Vitamin drip, i have enjoyed my course today.  Thankyou."

Excellent care and training

"Excellent care and attention to ensure all techniques perfected.Both trainers very patient and i felt that the training was excellent. "



Quality training facilities

Our training facility in Essex provides a safe, controlled and relaxed environment for your course, where you’ll be joined by a small number of delegates. Only delegates that are registered with the GMC, GDC and NMC can attend our training courses, and our advanced courses require that you can demonstrate the necessary skills to proceed.

Where to find us