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IntraVita product range.

We specialise in distributing single dose IV vitamins minerals and amino acids that consists of one active ingredient or multiple active ingredients. As well as IntraVita branded IV nutrients, IntraVita also imports licensed and un-licensed medicines from the European Union, ready for wholesale distribution or prescription orders from healthcare professionals. Other products in our portfolio include botulinum toxin, PROFHILO, dermal fillers, PDO threads and other consumables.

Vitamin Drips

We distribute a wide range of IV vitamins for infusion (IV) or Intramuscular injection (IM). Our product range consists of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B12, Biotin, a large range of B vitamins and essential amino acids. We are also in the process of expanding our product offerings to include vitamin A,D,E,K and Folic acid.

PROFHILO® - Revolutionary skin re-modelling

PROFHILO® is a revolutionary BDDE-free thermally stable HA (hyaluronic acid) technology for skin re-modelling from IBSA Farmaceutici Italia. The technology consists of hybrid complexes available as a 64 mg concentration of natural, non-cross-linked HA in a 2 ml pre-filled syringe, which maintains the manageability of injecting with a 29G needle.

Introducing to you, PROFHILO®

We’re proud to offer the very latest in BDDE-free thermally stable HA technology for skin remodelling. PROFHILO® is a revolutionary step in facial ageing, and we offer everything you need to start offering the treatment in your clinic.

Why choose PROFHILO® for your clinic?

It uses patented technologies that have been specifically engineered for skin re-modelling, focusing on curling wrinkles rather than filling them. It achieves this by stimulating production of both natural collagen and elastin to renew skin from within.

Offer clients incredible results within 2 sessions

Your clients will begin seeing a clear difference after only 2 sessions, or roughly one month of treatment, and the patented technology of PROFHILO® makes the effects of the treatment last for a long time.


We stock only reputable dermal filler brands that target anti-ageing and body composition.

ALIAXIN® possesses a natural lifting effect which, when combined with biological action, stimulates the regeneration of collagen structures of the dermis. It replenishes the shape, tone and symmetry of the face, as well as enhancing the skin’s natural elasticity and hydration.

IBSA technology is able to guarantee different clinical results using a combination of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights while acting on the cross-linking grade.

The Belotero® range consists of advanced dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic acid which offer excellent skin integration. These products are ideal for smoothing and filling wrinkles as well as for lip augmentation, skin rehydration and for restoring facial volume. Also available with Lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment experience.

If you are looking for natural-looking results to diminish the signs of ageing, the Belotero® family is your perfect choice. The Belotero® range offers an extended portfolio of advanced dermal fillers that can be used individually or in combination to tailor an aesthetic solution depending on your skins different needs.

Radiesse stimulates your skin's own regeneration abilities - new collagen is produced, making your skin stronger and more elastic. Due to its unique mode of action, Radiesse provides a long-term improvement in skin quality.


Botulinum Toxin Type A (150kD) is a prescription only medicine that is manufactured by Merz Pharma UK and it is free from complexing proteins. It is used for the temporary improvement in appearance of moderate to severe upper facial lines (glabellar frown lines, crow's feet lines, horizontal forehead lines) in adults aged between 18 and 65 years where the severity of these lines has an important psychological impact for the patient.

PDO Threads

Here at IntraVita, we know you want the very best for your clients. That’s why we only offer the very best when it comes to PDO thread lifts, including full training and fast delivery.

Our PDO Thread range includes:

  • iLead PDO Threads
  • 100% Polydioxanone (PDO) threads

We also have the below that are exclusive to IntraVita:

  • Twin Mono PDO Thread
  • 6 Dimensional Barbed Hexa-Quattro Cannula Cog
  • iLead Eye Cannula


We also offer both Intermediate and Advanced PDO Thread training for medical professionals.

It is my 3rd visit to the training centre. Every time I have been delighted with the information, knowledge and skills gained. Vernon is always available to answer any questions we might have.Thankyou once again.
Monica Berrange
Excellent overview of all aspects of IVNT, good manual to refer back too.
Dr William Buxton


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