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Our Vitamin Drip training course, has been created by Dr Jacques Otto for healthcare professionals and is available online! Bring Vitamin Drips to your clinic with expert training and product supply from us!


How it works

Our IVNT training can be complete online and/or provide an additional hands-on lectures and training day to focus on IV nutrient protocols and administration

Online Only

The IntraVita IV Nutrient Therapy Online Course was designed by Dr Jacques Otto and is based on the IntraVita IV nutrient product line. This in depth training course will teach medical professionals everything they need to know about implementing IntraVita IV Nutrient Therapy into their clinic.

Please note our course does not cover phlebotomy, practitioners are expected to know how to find a vein and cannulate. The course focuses on the uses/indications of different vitamins, minerals and amino acids as well as contra-indications, side effects and numerous IV protocols. The course concludes with a 4 hour multiple choice open book exam, with a pass mark of 70%. Upon passing the course you will be able to order our IV Vitamin Drip products and be invited to attend the face to face hands on practical session with Dr Jacques Otto for a fee of £250 plus VAT.


Online + Face-to-face

Upon completion of the online course our face to face IV Nutrient Therapy course, also designed by Dr Jacques Otto, is a recap of the online course content with a specific focus on IV nutrient protocols and administration. The face to face course also has a 2 hour practical session at the end where medical practitioners can experience various IV’s and IM shots that they have prepared on the day, under the guidance of our IVNT experts.

This in depth course will follow up from the online course and leave medical professionals feeling confident and ready to implement IV Nutrient Therapy or ‘Vitamin Drips’ into their clinic.



9:30 am

Group 1 - Registration & ID Checks

  • Photographic ID
  • Professional registration number check.
  • Consent form


  • Author’s background
  • Government regulation of IVNT and IVDT in the UK
  • NICE guidelines on intravenous fluid therapy in adults in hospital
  • Disclaimer
  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT) vs Intravenous Drug Therapy (IVDT) in the UK
  • History of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT)
  • USA: Doctors Myers, Gaby & Schrader
  • UK: Evolution of IVNT 2014
  • UK: Association of Intravenous Micronutrient Supplementation (AIMS) UK
  • Malnutrition in Underdeveloped Countries – WHO Statistics
  • Malnutrition in Developed Countries
  • Cost of Malnutrition to the NHS from 2011 – 2012 (NIHR Southampton Research Centre & BAPEN)
  • Global Parenteral Nutrition Market Dynamics – Grand View Research Parenteral Nutrition Market
  • Why is IVNT preferred over Intramuscular Nutrient Therapy (IMNT) & Oral Nutrient Therapy (ONT)?
  • Safety Aspects of IVNT – Osmolarity, Infusion rates, Side Effects, Complications & Contraindications
  • Medical History & Informed Consent and aftercare
  • Check List – Medical History & Consent, Clinic Preparedness, Patient Preparedness
  • Check List – Treatment Record

Tea Break

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Bottled Drinks


  • Private clinic vs franchising model
  • Advertising IV nutrients to your patients
  • Treatment packages
  • Retail recommended prices (RRP)
  • IntraVita marketing assets
  • Tax/VAT

Snack Break

  • Pre-packed biscuits
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Bottled Drinks

IVNT Practical Session

  • Practical demonstrations will include:
  • Preparing Wellness Myers IV Formula.
  • Reconstituting Glutathione IV Push.
  • Methylcobalamin B12 IV push/ IM Shot preparation.
  • Preparing IV Vitamin C Drip.
  • Healthcare professionals are able to experience all the above on the training day.

Why Choose Us

As the manufacturer of our IV nutrients, we are fully aware of what the infusions contain, from the point of origin of raw materials, API’s, diluents, excipients and correct protocols for administration. With a safety track record spanning over a decade, you can rest assured that you will be trained on ‘The Best Brand’ and ‘Highest Grade’ of IV vitamins available on the market. Our ‘High End’ product range is safe and easy to use.

  • Minimal start up costs
  • Excellent rate of return and profit margins
  • No Franchise Fees
  • ‘Build Your Own Brand’ – IV Nutrient White Labelling Service
  • Over the past 8 years 2000+ healthcare practitioners have been trained by us and are using our IV products
  • Manufacturers ‘Know How’
  • Next Day Delivery
  • After Care + Support Service

What's Included

The course fee includes:

  • 263 page manual.
  • 24+ Vitamin Drip Protocols.
  • 5 intramuscular shot protocols.
  • 111 PowerPoint slides covering essential nutrient knowledge and regulatory guidance for offering IVNT treatments in the UK.
  • 3 hours worth of lectures.
  • 2 free exam retakes, subsequent retakes £59 Plus VAT.
  • After care service and support

View the full itinerary for the face-to-face course.

It is my 3rd visit to the training centre. Every time I have been delighted with the information, knowledge and skills gained. Vernon is always available to answer any questions we might have.Thankyou once again.
Monica Berrange
Excellent overview of all aspects of IVNT, good manual to refer back too.
Dr William Buxton

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